Nadia Nakai In Tears After An Emotional Letter From Her Mother

Nadia Nakai receives an emotional letter from her mother while she was being interviewed by Previda.

The online platform made the rapper their cover star for the April issue and the launch of the cover was recently celebrated.

The letter got Nadia teary, and it reads:

“To my one and only favorite daughter Nadia, never forget that Mommy loves you with all her heart.” I stand here in awe of the extraordinary woman that you have become. Your ability to love and embrace others, your strength and ability to venture into unknown territories by yourself in the way that you carry yourself out there.” Said Nadia’s mother.


“I feel so well represented by you and for that, I am very proud and indebted to you. Please know that you my source of pride and joy and for you are killable. I pray that you are safe wherever you go, wherever life takes you, I pray that God looks after you and keeps you safe, knowing that your mom loves you dearly.“

“I can’t promise to be there for the rest of your life but I can definitely promise you that I will always love you for the rest of mine. And for that, I will always hold you closely in my heart unquestionably for whatever you do know that I will always be there for you, I will always be here loving you and I pray that God looks after you and keep you safe for all the days of your life. Love you, girl. Nadia, this is Mom aka “Mai Nadia.”


Nadia reacted by saying her mom hasn’t been as vocal as this, but she undoubtedly

loved the comforting words.

“I think when you lose a love like her you question if you are going to get that type of love again or hear someone say how much they love you like that again. I know my mom loves me, but I don’t think I grew up with my mom being as vocal as she was now,” Bragga said.



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