Mzansi Star Thandi Draai Embarks On U.S. Tour

The news that South African phenomenon Thandi Draai would be starting a large concert tour in the United States called “Thandi Draai in the U.S.A.” is undoubtedly welcome news to many.

With her next US tour, Draai, an internationally renowned vocalist, DJ, music producer, and songwriter, will further demonstrate her influence in the world of music. She has regularly wowed audiences all over the world.

Kudakwashe Manase, the creator of Four Promotions Sound, a management company, and a globally renowned talent manager for Draai, is organizing the thrilling U.S. tour.

Manase signed with the agency in 2022 and has been representing Draai ever since. She has worked hard to acknowledge and promote Draai’s distinctive blend of electronic, house music, and other genres.

South African Star Thandi Draai Embarks on U.S. Tour

In addition, Manase will travel with Draai, serving as her stage manager, concert producer, talent manager, and tour manager.

Thandi will headline shows on the much-awaited tour in cities like Washington, DC; Chicago; Dallas; Atlanta; New York City; Oakland; Los Angeles; and Brooklyn.

It is scheduled to run from December 15, 2023, to April 7, 2024.

The planned US tour by Thandi Draai is proof of her success and global appeal, especially considering her impressive career to date. Her discography, which is filled with multiple hits that have had a lasting impression on the music business, demonstrates her extraordinary talent and dedication.

Songs like “Abafazi,” which are released by well-known record companies like the African division of Universal Music, have been highly praised by national media sites like News24 and Hip-Hop 411, establishing her as a musical phenomenon on a worldwide scale.

South African Star Thandi Draai Embarks on U.S. Tour

The German record label Get Physical issued Draai’s album “Africa Gets Physical Vol. 4” in 2022. The album included songs by Draai and other well-known African musicians.

Both reviewers and listeners gave the album positive reviews, and it was featured in publications like DJ Mag, MixMag, Sowetan Live, and Evlear Magazine.

The innovative works of Thandi Draai include albums like “Iris,” which is among the first self-produced albums by a female recording artist in Africa, and “Ingozi,” which is the first self-produced album by a woman of colour from South Africa.

Her reputation was greatly enhanced by these accomplishments, which attracted the attention of media outlets such as Arcana, Front Page, The DJ Journalist, and The DJ Cookbook.

South African Star Thandi Draai Embarks on U.S. Tour

Her live performances have been just as engaging as her recorded work, which continues to get attention. Thandi has captured hearts on every continent by headlining events all around the world, such as the Ausbizi performance in South Africa and the Club Woza AFIA Festival in Sweden.

Her victory at the Abracadabra Virtual Music Festival in 2021 and her performance at the “Iziki Night – Thandi Draai Live!” concert in Goa, India, are proof of her global recognition.

Beyond her career as a performer, Thandi has left a lasting impression. She hosted Africa’s most popular dance, electronic, and house music radio show, “Bhampa2Bhampa,” was a highly sought-after guest on TV shows like “Afternoon Express” on the SABC3 Television Network in South Africa, and was highlighted on BBC Radio’s “Africa Week.”

South African Star Thandi Draai Embarks on U.S. Tour

She received excellent marks from national media like Ubetoo for her performance at the “Lockdown House Party” in 2020, which was televised nationwide on Channel O in South Africa.

Her performance captured the spirit of the local music business during difficult times.

The musical career of Thandi Draai is proof of her exceptional talent and boundless potential. Her reputation as a musical maverick has been cemented by her music, charisma, and capacity to enthral crowds.

Thandi Draai is a source of inspiration for budding artists, having garnered several prizes and the acclaim of audiences and media globally.

She demonstrates that African artists possessing talent, determination, and an inventive attitude are capable of proudly staking their position on the global arena.

With a sizable international fan base, Thandi Draai’s “Thandi Draai in the U.S.A.” offers her admirers in the country a chance to witness her electrifying live performances, captivating persona, and heart-pounding beats that have enthralled audiences all over the globe.

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