Friendship turns deadly? Did Inno Morolong ordered a hit on Tebogo Thobejane?!

The shooting of the former Muvhango actress’ vehicle on Tuesday, October 17, is alleged to have been carried out by club hostess Inno Morolong, a former friend of actress Tebogo Thobejane.

Zimoja claims that Thobejane, the proprietor of the Club X strip club, mentioned Morolong as a suspect when unidentified assailants in Sandton fired multiple shots at her car.

Thobejane was not hurt in the event, but one of her travelling companions was hurt and is currently receiving medical attention.

The Diamonds and Dolls reality actress, Morolong, stated that she is prohibited from talking due to a protective order against her when called for comment.

But a buddy refuted the accusations made against Morolong.

The companion remarked, “She is too busy to be taking out hits.”

“Inno is getting ready for one of the largest music festivals, Afro Piano Fest. What time would she have had to obtain inkabi [hitmen]? Luna, aow! [Dude, no!] She is the brand ambassador for Saints Lounge in Cape Town and is setting up a Tammy Taylor store there. She is a busy, booked mother as well. Why would she desire Tebogo’s death?

“She [Thobejane] needs to investigate her enemies and other business ventures thoroughly. In a million years, never.

The rivalry between the ex-best friends began in 2021. But things got really heated last year when Morolong accused Thobejane of “sleeping with the president” on Instagram. The actress is a bad mother, according to the reality TV star.

How does the president fare? How about the time you went on a trip with your friend? You two are best friends now. What you said concerning the friend you went on the trip with. Morolong had posted on Instagram, “You did a threesome with her and then you like, ‘She’s so boring in bed.'”

Speaking to Sunday World in May of this year, Thobejane said that these accusations had damaged her reputation and cost her jobs performing at government events.

I am a survivor of gender-based violence (GBV) due to the events involving my parents. Late last year, I was scheduled to speak at a government event, but they told me not to because I would harm the country’s reputation,” she added.

Thobejane also revealed that she moved to Germany in response to death threats from Morolong, who posted nude photos of herself on social media in January along with her phone number and her son’s home address.

“I got a call that said, ‘I’m going to fucken kill you,’ so I had to move in with my sister for three weeks in Berlin, Germany. You’ve overexerted yourself. “I’m going to murder you.”

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