DJ Zinhle’s husband, Murdah to be absent at AKA’s funeral service

AKA’s family announced that DJ Zinhle’s husband, Murdah Bongz whose real name is Bongani Mohosana will not be attending the funeral and memorial service of the late rapper.

The Forbes family released a statement announcing the details of Kiernan Forbes “AKA’s” funeral and memorial service which will happen this week.

The concluding part of the statement acknowledged Murdah’s family but revealed that he will not be coming for the funeral and memorial services due to observing cultural protocol.

The Bongani update sparked a debate on social media and it has the DJ trending.

“In Tsonga culture, you can’t attend the funeral of a person who once had sexual relations(marriage, gf/by, nyatsi, fling) with your partner. It can lead to severe sickness which results in death within a year or 2. So that is why Bongani can’t attend AKA’S funeral,” a tweep explained.

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