Makhadzi Hits Back At Critics Of Her English Skills

Makhadzi Hits Back at Critics of Her English Skills

In response to online trolls criticizing her English proficiency, Makhadzi didn’t hold back, taking to social media to address the issue head-on.

“My name is Makhadzi. I speak English like white people speak my African language. I love you all,” she confidently stated.

This bold statement followed a wave of criticism aimed at her for posting content with grammatical errors. Alongside her response, Makhadzi shared two stunning photos on her social media account, showcasing herself in a glamorous gold two-piece suit, accentuating her killer legs and figure. The post swiftly became a hot topic of discussion.

Support poured in from fans who echoed her sentiments, emphasizing that English is not her native language, thus she should not feel pressured to achieve perfection in it.

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Comments flooded in:

@mbalis_bakery remarked, “The majority of them don’t even know how to speak Tshivenda. We are not in an English class here; we’ll write however we like.”

@IAMTHEEPREACHER empathetically wrote, “You don’t owe anyone good English, my love.”

@BBK29_ encouraged, “Speak your truth, girl. Shine bright.”

@Lesley012PTA humorously noted, “And her bank balance is better than that English. Most of us are broke with proper English. This life has no balance.”

@MzuraVanie chimed in, “Now this is boring; you can stop.”

@Thandekamabuz teased, “Papa Penny has multiplied.”

@Mhlabawe2 added, “That’s good, Khadzi. English is just a language, like any other.”

In other news, Makhadzi continues to captivate her audience with her fashion sense and confidence, recently flaunting her stunning hair in a social media post, solidifying her status as a trendsetter in South Africa’s celebrity scene.

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