Makhadzi’s Broken English Sparks Debate Online

Makhadzi’s Broken English Sparks Debate Online

The renowned musician Makhadzi caused a stir on the internet with her use of broken English in a recent post where she wrote, “But they plaid shem. They foght.” She uttered these words following South Africa’s defeat to Nigeria in the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

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Responses from netizens have been varied, with some speculating that Makhadzi intentionally used broken English, while others believe she genuinely thought her English was correct.

Myzo Lyza, a house music DJ and producer, playfully teased Makhadzi by responding to her post and jokingly commending her English. He remarked, “This is the only dopest English that matters in the world. Aowa ausaka not foght but Ford. Actually they plate not plaid.”

In 2022, Makhadzi shrugged off criticism from Twitter users who tried to mock her for her grammar mistakes.

When she wrote, “All thanks to everyone who buyed [sic] my tickets for my one woman show. At makhauvha stadium this Saturday.”

Despite the comments, the Limpopo star remained unfazed, especially after her name trended on South African Twitter while promoting her solo performance.

Follwing the backlash she received on social media, Makhadzi took to social media to thank thosewho corrected her.



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