Kaybee’s Painful Discovery About His Friends

The artist, known as Kaybee, recently opened up about a painful realization regarding his so-called friends.

He took to X, previously known as Twitter, to express his disappointment, revealing that these friends seemed to be around solely because he could provide them with a good time. Beyond his material wealth, it became apparent that they had little genuine care for him.

On this social media platform, he shared his thoughts, saying, “It’s truly disheartening to realize that friends or people you know engage with you primarily because you can cover the expenses. When it comes to anything beyond your financial resources, they couldn’t care less.

Despite being an award-winning DJ and music producer, Kaybee had consistently refuted claims that he was financially well-off. In August, an online report surfaced, asserting that Kaybee was among the highest-paid DJs in South Africa, with a booking fee of R50,000.

However, Kaybee swiftly debunked these reports, stating that he was, in reality, the “poorest DJ.” He disclosed that he only owned one car and had no property to his name. He even requested that his name be removed from any Top 10 list that portrayed him as wealthy.

In response to his X post, Kaybee received overwhelming support from his fans, who offered him advice on dealing with these superficial or “fake friendships.”

@ern_music said: “Realise who “people” are and never let yourself to be hurt in the process.”

@Bukiwe56897 shared: “Aow Lekgowa !!!!! That’s fake friendship man…………..Just cut them off & hide your whatsapp status to increase tension between you & them 🙏.”

@ThisisJoSeS wrote: “One thing I know is most people are here for the paper and they have made sure they push away those that will do erthing for love.”

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