Former Generations Actress Sparks Controversy: Palesa’s Viral Video Denouncing Ancestral Beliefs

Former Generations actress Palesa Madisakwane recently stirred up a social media storm by publicly renouncing her ancestral beliefs.

In a viral video that quickly circulated across various platforms, Palesa can be seen cutting and burning her ancestral cloth, accompanied by a prayer where she explicitly “denounced the spirit of Masangoma.”

The fabric she was disposing of is traditionally worn by individuals who have embraced their ancestral calling. It also serves as a means for people to establish a connection with their ancestors.

However, Palesa’s actions in the video triggered a range of reactions from netizens.

Many expressed the opinion that such a personal and spiritual decision should have been made privately, out of respect for the beliefs of others.

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Commenters argued that Palesa’s public act was seen as disrespectful to those who hold their ancestral beliefs dear.

One comment encapsulated this sentiment, saying, “How I wish you did this privately. This is an insult to many who have a right to believe in whatever they believe in. You can imagine how you would feel if someone would publicly burn the Bible. Let’s learn to respect people’s beliefs, bethuna. You are a respected public figure, my love. Let’s be tolerant of each other.”

Palesa’s choice to abandon her ancestral beliefs was further emphasized in another video where she articulated her dedication to serving the living God and the power of Jesus’ name.

She declared, “I serve the God of the living. I do not serve the God of the dead. Jesus Christ is risen and seated on the Father’s right hand and reigns forever more. My God lives. My God is not dead. There is power in the name of Jesus Christ. You shall live and shall not die.”

This public shift away from ancestral beliefs is not an isolated incident among South African celebrities. Just a few weeks ago, another former Generations star, Thabiso Mokhethi, also made headlines when he announced his departure from his ancestral calling.

He conveyed his decision, saying, “I have taken the decision that I am resigning from being a sangoma. I am resigning from the bonds that I allowed myself to enter into when I was seeking healing spiritually, emotionally, physically… Will no longer serve as a sangoma, and this is my form of public resignation.”

Thabiso explained that he had initially embraced the role of a sangoma out of fear, following the loss of loved ones, including his parents, wife, and brother.

“I had already lost so much and did not want to lose my children, and I do not want you to lose me. I felt I had nothing else to lose, and that is when I started my journey to be initiated as a sangoma,” he added, shedding light on the personal struggles that influenced his spiritual path.


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