Lynn Forbes reveals Kairo’s reaction to AKA’s death

Lynn Forbes reveals Kairo Forbes’ reaction after breaking the news of her father, AKA’s death to her.

On the 10th of February 2023, the rap star was shot and killed in Durban.

In an exclusive interview on eNCA’s News Night, Glammy said the 7-year-old was heartbroken, thinking her father will return.


“I told her that we have some really sad news…Your dad died”.

Lynn said Kairo asked her what happened to his father. She continued to explain, “I said some bad people hurt him….they shot him. She cried terribly”.

Lynn continued, “She asked: ‘But, he’s coming back, right? He will be ok’. And I had to tell her, ‘No, he’s not coming back, and we have to bury him.”

Lynn Forbes recently shared one of the many conversations she had with her son before he got killed.

Taking to Instagram, she shared a screenshot revealing how she appreciated him and how she was proud of him.


“Today is really difficult. The hardest part is that you have gone forever quiet on my phone. I miss your texts and calls so much,” she captioned post.


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