Innocent Masuku, Former Yizo Yizo Star, Succumbs to Substance Abuse Once Again

Former Yizo Yizo and star and anti-drug activist, Innocent Masuku is said to have relapsed and is back on booze and drugs.

A recent video has resurfaced showing Masuku who appears drunk and high. Sources close to the situation say his friends and family have given up on the star. “Trust me, we have all tried to help him, but it doesn’t seem like there is hope.

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He will shout when he need help,” adds the source. Another source adds that the former star disappears for days without anyone knowing his whereabouts.

“A TV producer tried to help him to get gigs but he would not show up for auditions and screen testing. Most industry people have given up on him as talented as he is,” adds the source.

Masuku shared his experiences about taking drugs during the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Youth Month campaign in 2022. He spoke about how he fell from grace, saying he was on his way to recovery.

After his speech at the June 16, 2022, EFF event, the Soweto-born Masuku, appeared on different media channels where he spoke about the struggles of fighting drug addiction.

Masuku, who played the rebellious and loveable hobo Bobo, in the controversial drama series Yizo Yizo 1 and its sequel, was seen on social media this week holding a long tom alcohol and seemed high and drun

In a TV episode of I Blew It, Masuku spoke about losing his money because of drugs.

He also spoke about losing a R1.9m house in Krugersdorp after he started taking drugs. In the early and mid 2000s he was making money from side gigs while acting on Yizo Yizo 1. And when he started to appear on Yizo Yizo 2, he was in demand and that’s where he received a lot of bookings and made around R300 000 a month.

He blew the money on drugs, booze, women and expensive clothes. When he was on Tshisa, playing the role of Bakstina, and on Yizo Yizo 2, Masuku said he made hundreds of thousands mcing gigs around the country.

At one point, Masuku, who played Maradona on the soccer drama series Zone 14, said he would buy drugs worth around R8 000. He even went to a rehabilitation facility to fight his drug addiction but it looks like his demons are back to haunt him.. Masuku could not be reached for comment.

Source: The South African

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