I Will Fvck With Anyone,” Declares Zodwa Wabantu

I Will Fvck With Anyone,” Declares Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu remains unwavering in her commitment to her brand despite facing ongoing trolling and criticism.

The South African entertainer caused a stir at the beginning of the year with her wild antics at gigs, prompting calls for her arrest from social media users. However, she remained unfazed by the backlash.

Zodwa Wabantu has also hinted at her aspirations to enter the porn industry, although concrete plans have yet to materialize.

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In a recent social media post on Friday, the star shared a video of herself frolicking in a swimming pool with two men, clearly enjoying herself.

However, the accompanying caption serves as a reminder to her followers of her core values: sex and money.

Zodwa further asserts that she is no longer interested in relationships, except when it comes to fulfilling her desires for physical intimacy.

“Sex & Money & a Lifestyle 😂 On Love I don’t keep Anyone but I will fvck with Anyone,” she boldly declares.

Zodwa Wabantu recently announced that she has once again found love. The entertainer took to her social media platform on Tuesday to share a photo with her partner, officially confirming their relationship. However, she chose to conceal his identity in the picture.

According to Zodwa, they have been dating for seven months, although her 31-year-old boyfriend has preferred to remain out of the spotlight since the beginning of her career.

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