I paid for her education: Man stabs woman 19 times after being dumped!

In sad turn of events, a man (pictured) is believed to have killed her girlfriend nineteen times after he was rejected by the woman she paid tuition for.

The story that took social media by storm left users wondering whether to sympathize with the man or the dead woman.

I paid for her education: Man stabs woman 19 times after being dumped!

Check comments by users:

Legohu la thaba mawa leukamela ditšhwene:

– Her parents failed her,putting children through school is the responsibility of a parent,not a boyfriend,she used the guy and unfortunately for her,he’s not the type of guy that can be used,because of the tragedy people will think she’s a victim,she was nit innocent.

King Kells:

– Stop giving women money if you think giving them money or sponsor them it means you own them. Simple.


– Yes it hurts when you do things for people you love but taking a life is not the answer. Dear Kings, please endeavor to man up and move on. Someone out there is waiting for you who will appreciate your kind gesture. Taking a life you can’t create makes you like them too.

Carl Zimbiri:

– This is common and I always discourage guys who are planning to take thier girlfriends to school including thier young wives. We have a problem in our black communities of people who when they are educated they see themselves as belonging to a certain class as a results.


– STOP BUILDING WOMEN!! lona ha le mamele, La ntena.

Ronny Malatji:

– what can we really do to stop this type of situation from happening? my brother took his wife his not girlfriend his wife the mother of his two kids to a nursing school today she left my brother for another man who never spend a cent to take her to school.

Gold GuguPresh:

– Don’t mean to be insensitive but this is a result of “indoda must”, ladies… This mentality must stop. “He loves me coz he does this and that for me” this is what most females focus on, not behavior, mentality, morals, values etc, basically all the things that make a person.

Edwin Mametja:

– Sponsoring a woman’s education is a risky business. Above all, both men and women should learn from such incidents 🤞.

Tiyani Balloy:

– Boyfriends should just be Boyfriends, and not act as deputy parents of their girlfriends. Education is the responsibility of the parents and not Boyfriend.


– once the girl get the Degree, the guys start feeling insecure, that is where the abuse begins. If a man pay fees they must know that it is not guaranteed will last 4ever. In most cases they don’t last cause education comes with mental and emotional development and independence.


– No matter how hard you love do things out of love for your family only, if you ever decide to do for partner man/women have contract of agreement hence they turn their backs on you they pay each and every little cent.

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