Faith Nketsi Is Allegedly Leaving Her Matrimonial Home Due to Marital Problems With Husband Nzuzo Njilo

The marriage of Faith Nketsi and Nzuzo Njilo is reportedly hanging by a thread after the star reportedly moved out of their home.

Last year, the Have Faith actress and Nzuzo Njilo married in a private traditional ceremony. A few months later, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter.

According to sources close to the media personality, she has moved out of her home with Nzuzo Njilo. According to the sources, Faith Nketsi left because Nzuzo is allegedly broke.

The single mother is said to be hosting again with her BFF Kim Hyde in order to support herself and her daughter Sky.

“She moved out about three weeks ago. She left Njilo and has gone back to hosting in clubs again with her friend Kim Kholiwe and making money. Just a few days ago, she was hosting at Booth Night Club, and she has put herself out there once again for the work that she used to do before she got married.”

Those close to the Have Faith star claim that Nzuzo Njilo duped her into marrying him when he was broke. Faith Nketsi has been embroiled in Njilo’s financial woes since then, losing her properties and car in the process. The source went on to say:

“Faith has suffered greatly since marrying Njilo. She, like the rest of us, assumed Njilo was wealthy, but he is not. She lost her Jeep, which they had to sell after settling another debt, and then the court took her furniture last year to pay the debt involving those other two guys. It’s a lot in a short amount of time. Faith loves the soft life, so she went back to doing what she loves the most, which is club hosting.”

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