Hlenga Sibisi Who Was Released On Bail For Looting R300 Million Receives A R600 Million Tender

South Africans were stunned to learn that Hlenga Sibisi had been freed on bail after stealing R300 million and then secured an R600 million deal from the EThekwini municipality.

Hlenga Sibisi, an associate of former eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede and a co-accused in her R320 million corruption trial, appears to be living off ratepayers’ money.

@goolammv posted the expoe on their Twitter account. “Meet Hlenga Sibisi, a very close ally of Zandile Gumede, he is out on bail for looting R300 million together with Zandile Gumede & others, yet after his arrest, he has received payments of R600 MILLION from eThekwini Municipality allegedly for no actual work done,” they wrote on the tweet.

To pay these goons, the municipality is presently borrowing money. These thugs are ruthless. After hearing how these bandits are plundering, there is no hope for the country. DURBAN WILL BE DESTRUCTED and turned into a war-torn metropolis. cry, MY DEAR COUNTRY!”


“They must be re-arrested because they violated their bail conditions.” You are not to do the same offence for which you are accused; if they go and do the same thing while on bail, they will be rearrested and their bail will be revoked.”

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