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Lasizwe’s nett worth is believed to be one million dollars. He is a South African media personality, YouTuber, and actor who was born on July 19, 1998.

Lasizwe has been well-known for his sense of humour, impeccable clothing sense, aggressiveness, outspokenness, and flexibility since emerging into the public eye as an entertainer. He is presently one of South Africa’s highest-paid video creators on YouTube and other social media platforms.

He is the youngest son of Lindiwe Dambuza and Menzi Mcunu, and the younger brother of Zonke Nkabinde, a Cell C sales account manager and area channel executive. She formerly worked at Liquid Telecom as a Senior Key Account Manager.

Khanyi Mbau, a South African actress, musician, television presenter, and socialite, is also linked to Lasizwe. They are half-siblings with the same father but separate mums.

He is very close to Zonke, one of his two sisters, because she played an important part in his upbringing with their mother. In reality, she was the one who initially discovered Lasizwe’s sexual orientation, and she did everything she could to protect him from those who would end up hurting him.

As a child, the YouTuber’s father, who fathered numerous other children with other women, was absent from his existence. He was never a part of his life since he never had a relationship, leaving his mother to raise him alone in Soweto with the support of his elder sister Zonke.

His father was never married to Lasizwe’s mother. Lindiwe was dating him when she became pregnant with his child. Mcunu died on September 20th, 2020, and was buried five days later.

Prior to his death, the YouTuber reunited with him and had some great moments with him after years of bonding.

Unfortunately, his mother, a nurse and former employee of Lesedi private hospital, died in 2016. Lindiwe may have died years ago, but her son has yet to recuperate from her loss. He wishes Mum was still alive to witness the man he has become and to celebrate his professional achievements.

Lasizwe’s mother had an important role in his rise to stardom as an artist. She began taking him to TV auditions in his primary school.

Due to budgetary restrictions, she continued to take him around the city for auditions at one point, and she urged him to start participating in competitions that give away audio-visual equipment or phones.

Dumbuza started creating his first batch of social media content with the phone he won in a radio competition. He also learned basic video editing with his mother’s laptop and would usually store the videos on DVD discs.

He was so impressed and excited each time he watched him on the TV screen as a young boy. It was his enthusiasm and yearning to be on the screen that motivated him to become an entertainer.

The lines eventually fell for him in pleasant places, and today he is one of the youngest and highest-earning content creators in South Africa with a jaw-dropping net worth.

Though Lasizwe first discovered that he was gay at the age of 15, his mother got to know about his sexuality much later. She was heartbroken at first and refused to accept his sexuality or even speak to him.

Lindiwe disconnected from her son for almost six months. However, she eventually came around to accepting her son’s sexuality. Lasizwe claimed that the absence of a father figure and the fact that he had many women around him as a young boy contributed to his being gay.

He shared that he learned how to pee like a man after watching boys pee in a kid TV program. He was doing it as women do due to the kind of environment he grew up in, one where women flocked around him, and he was more comfortable around them than men.

Lasizwe attended Meredale Primary School, a mixed-race primary school in Meredale, south of Johannesburg. He completed his high school education at Mondeor High School in Mondeor. He did not attend college and is not now enrolled in any academic programme.

Lasizwe’s nett worth is believed to be one million dollars or slightly more. He made his fortune through a variety of lucrative revenue streams. Here are his main sources of income.

Lasizwe is a celebrity YouTuber with almost 800 subscribers and over 100 million views on all his videos. He began his career on YouTube, where he uploaded videos of himself imitating Africans and their ways of behavior.

The Soweto-born star was gifted the silver play button by YouTube in April 2019 for achieving the 100,000 subscribers milestone.

He announced on January 2023 that he had decided to pull the plug on his self-titled channel due to personal challenges. The decision was triggered by the fact that he was finding it difficult to create comedic content due to a mental breakdown.

He, however, disclosed that he has challenged himself to create a new channel titled: the Africa Network Channel, where he would be posting new content.

Lasizwe is one of South Africa’s highest-paid YouTubers. He earns millions of dollars every month from his video-sharing website. He was named one of South Africa’s most notable YouTubers under the age of 24.

Lasizwe is also a skilled media, TV, and radio personality who has appeared on a variety of platforms. He has hosted noteworthy shows such as e.tv’s Craz-e World Live, Telkom Monate Vibes, MTV Base Africa’s You Got Got, SABC 3’s The Scoop Africa, VOOV TV’s VOOVScoop, and SABC 1’s The Real Goboza.

Dumbuza was the host of a Comedy Central Roast spin-off show, an outdoor event with Mabala Noise, as well as the South African Film and Television Awards on September 3rd, 2022.

Zonke’s brother presented an award at the 2017 South African Hip Hop Awards, after which he landed a radio presenting gig on TouchHD later that same year.

Lasizwe’s first acting appearance was as an extra in Generations, a renowned soap drama. In 2020, he participated in the Netflix film Seriously Single, and in 2022, he appeared in the e.tv television series Durban Gen.

He also appeared as a cameo in the African Netflix series Savage Beauty. The whole amount he has earned through performing is not public information.

The celebrity has appeared in a few music videos, including Babes Wodumo and Ntando Duma’s “Jiva Phez’kombhede” music video.

Lasizwe has endorsed many brands ad products both online and offline. He was appointed the Teen Marketing Director for Fanta in 2018. He collaborated with Steers in the #NomatriquencyxSteers campaign two years later, becoming the first South African to secure such a deal.

He was featured in a Nando TV commercial. He secured himself a deal to work together with GAME Stores in 2019 after he posted a video on his social media platforms that depicted his famed character “Nomatriquency” undergoing an interview for a position at GAME.

He is one of the highest-paid influencers in the entertainment industry. However, nobody is aware of how much he has made from it.

No. Lasizwe hasn’t purchased a home of his own. He did, however, become a buzz of the town in 2018 when people began congratulating him for ‘buying a house’ after he moved to a new flat.

Although he made no mention of having purchased a home in any of his posts, he chose to capitalize on the attention and remain silent about it for the time being.

He finally revealed that he had never purchased a home and that his new apartment was a rental when his sister Khanyi Mbua contacted him to inquire if he had, in fact, done so.

He was subsequently exposed by his sister on social media, which made him avoid speaking to her for months.

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