Heavy K Emerges from Darkness, Embraces the Light in Comeback Revelation

Born and raised in Veeplaas in Gqeberha, Eastern Cape, Heavy K, the 33-year-old musician was hit with the biggest tragedy of his life in 2015 when his mother died.

It was an emotional roller-coaster as his son was born a few hours earlier.

He said his mother’s death came when he was at the peak of his career.

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Real name Mkhululi Siqula, he first found musical success at age 16 after producing Professor’s smash hit Lento, featuring Speedy. He soon found solo success and moved to Johannesburg at the age of 21 in 2013 to further pursue his music ambitions.

His debut studio album Respect the Drumboss 2013 released the same year launched him, producing the following year another hit, Easy to Love, for Bucie.

“Right now, I’m at my happiest. All of this was just God’s way of preparing me for the next level. I believe He knew I wasn’t ready and I had to grow through some hardships to get here. Looking back at it, I’m very glad it happened. I got to see who’s in my corner and who isn’t,” Heavy K said.

“Even though I lost my mother and everything else seemed to be crumbling down, every year after 2015, I always made sure to bring the hits to stay consistent and relevant. I made sure not to disappear from my fans. Fortunately, this has helped me to learn how to evolve and sustain my sound which continues to make people dance.”

Heavy K also said his father’s mental health took strain after his mother’s death.

“I am very grateful for my parents. They tried by all means to give me the life I deserve. In all my existence, I’ve never heard my parents raise their voices at each other and hence I always say I don’t have any childhood trauma,” he said.

“[When my mother died] she and my dad were married for 45 years. I saw how much they loved each other to the point where my father, two weeks after my mom’s passing, kept asking God to take him as well because his soul mate was no more.

“As much as I was also grieving my mother, I had to deal with my dad’s mental health. I knew I had to step away from the limelight, just to deal with what I was faced with.”

He recently released his new album, Respect The Drumboss 2 (3-Step Edition), which syncs and blends mesmerising melodies with a touch of amapiano.

“I’m just a young boy from the township who had the odds against him. However, with the belief I had in my craft, I was able to turn my dream into reality,” he said.

“I always put prayer first and never let anyone influence me in any way; I’ve just remained focused. I never let where I am from dictate where I’m going in life, and at this, it’s the top of the world!”

Asked about his mental health now, the optimistic DJ shared how glad he was to be out of the “dark” place he was in for almost 10 years.

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