Gold-digger Skeem Saam actress’ dirty games exposed

Melita on Skeem Saam is a typical nyatsi. She seems to think the man she’s having an affair with will leave his wife for her. But he’s just using her to pass time.

She’s also the true definition of a gold-digger, who’s always looking for her next meal ticket.

Her latest victim is Mr Kgomo, who’s been thinking with his 4-5 instead of his head. The two have been having an affair since he got her a job at Turfloop Hospital, where he’s a manager.

During one of their intimate moments, Melita lied to him – claiming her daughter needs new school shoes as hers are torn.

Mr Kgomo made the biggest mistake of giving her his credit card, thinking she won’t spend more than R700.

She ended up shopping until she dropped, spending a whopping R9 000 on herself.

The month is drawing to a close and he needs to explain how that money was spent to his wife.

John Maputla, who had fallen for Melita’s charm, warned him about her but he didn’t listen.

His son Paxton now wants to deal with Melita. However, he should deal with his dad and leave Melita alone as she’s not the one who made vows to his mum. He should rather tell his mum so she can decide how to deal with it.

But knowing her, she will stay with her cheating husband as she cares too much about what people say. She even refused to believe MaNtuli, who tried to spill the beans.

-daily sun


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