Gogo Maweni sobs as she talks about her former flame, football player Siyabonga Zulu

Johannesburg | Controversial sangoma Gogo Maweni has shocked everyone by revealing something that has gone viral on social media: she used to cry while talking about her ex-lover, football player Siyabonga Zulu, in a video that went viral.

The tearful admission, which revealed the turbulent relationship between the Mamelodi Sundowns defender and the traditional healer, was delivered during a recent TV interview.

Maweni revealed her former relationship with Zulu in the tearful video tape and expressed her sincere regrets. She said, “I lost someone who I thought ‘we could do this together, we could vibe together,'” with tears in her eyes.

But a lot of horrible things occurred after he signed that deal. He was wealthy, for starters, and I had no significance to him.

Only slightly more than a year has passed since Maweni’s initial admission on MacG’s Podcast And Chill programme.

She acknowledged, in her podcast interview, that she had trained Zulu a lesson by utilising traditional techniques called muti. “I gotta take credit for that though,” she clarified. I really did charm him. Let’s not claim that I charmed him, though.

“You think you know better after I’ve helped you,” is the situation. Now that you’re on that pedestal, you believe you understand.

Maweni’s purported reaction to the footballer’s behaviour, which included adultery and other acts that strained their relationship, was to use muti on him.

Due to his volatile off-field behaviour, Mamelodi Sundowns fired Zulu in 2019.

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