Forbes Family seeks justice for AKA

The mother of AKA, Lynn Forbes, claims that she is being given regular information and is being patient with the police inquiry into her son’s death.

Forbes claims that she, as well as her son’s devoted following, seek justice.

In February, Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, a famous chef, and rapper and music producer Kiernan Forbes were both shot and murdered outside a restaurant in Durban.

Police claim they have made progress on the case, although no arrests have yet been made.

“I believe that everything going on here is greater than Kiernan and the Forbes family. Therefore, I understand that the Megacy’s call for justice for AKA is a call for justice for the entire nation, and I fully support them,” Forbes remarked.

“There’s an investigation ongoing and because it’s ongoing, we can’t even — if they have information — they can’t share information that will jeopardize the investigations.

“But we are updated on regular investigations.”

Forbes said the investigators told the family that they are making progress.

“I don’t want to rush them, Keenan is gone for me and nothing rushed will bring him back,” she said.

“So I’m allowing the investigation to run its course. But as far as a country, we have some real issues to address.”

Source | ZA News Online

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