Connie Ferguson offers advice on how to manage your emotions during winter

Constance Ferguson, a Botswana actor, producer, and entrepreneur located in South Africa, has developed a liking for a healthy lifestyle, as seen by her social media accounts.

Some have said that she is becoming younger since she does not look her age, but her passion for exercise is also on another level. Connie is 52 years old and will be 53 in two months, yet she still has a youthful appearance.

Mrs. Ferguson, who frequently offers health advice, recently provided some advice on managing your mood throughout the winter. She reminds her followers that winter is coming and urges them to prepare by doing these simple following things:

‘praying, getting as much natural light as you can, listening to uplifting music, reading, watching light-hearted, shows, having inspiring and uplifting conversations, eating well and drinking water, getting enough sleep, exercising exercising exercising!!! and lastly, being aware of your everyday state of mind and emotions.

She wrote in her Instagram post:

Winter is almost here. What are you doing to get ready? Are you physically, mentally and spiritually fit to withstand the brutality of shorter days and long cold nights? What are you doing to keep your mood in check?

– pray
– get as much natural light as you can
– listen to uplifting music
– read
– watch light hearted shows
– have inspiring and uplifting conversations
– eat well and drink water
– get enough sleep
– exercise exercise exercise!!!
– be aware of your everyday state of mind and emotions



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