Durban man killed over ‘loud music’ during load shedding

Kobindren Chettiar, 34, was at his eldest brother’s home in Rustfern, Phoenix, on January 7 when he was shot, allegedly by a neighbour.

Chettiar’s brother, Yesivan, said their elder brother Hegandren invited the entire family to his home for a get-together before they all returned to work the following week.

“Load shedding started at 10 pm, so we used a mobile battery-operated boombox to play music. About 30 minutes later, as everyone was leaving, the neighbour swore at Hegandren. He said we must turn off the music.

“Hegandren said he would talk to him when everyone left. While he was saying his goodbyes, the neighbour, who is also related to us, turned up with a gun.”

Yesivan said his family was threatened, and shots were randomly fired.

“Kobindren went to him to resolve the situation. He told him that we were family and that we should not fight over trivial matters. But as Kobindren was walking away, he was shot in the back. My eldest brother was also shot. The bullet grazed his hand.”

Chettiar died en-route to hospital.

“His wife has now been left without her husband, and his eight-year-old son without a father.”

Yesivan said his brother was the sole breadwinner.

“He assisted anyone that needed his help. He took the elderly to the clinic for their chronic medication, and he was the community’s pillar.”

His funeral was last Tuesday at the Verulam Crematorium.

Constable Thenjiswa Ngcobo, a provincial police spokesperson, said they were investigating a case of murder.

“It was reported that two men had an argument. It is alleged that the suspect pulled out a firearm and fatally shot the deceased,” said Ngcobo.

-The Post


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