AKA’s Bodyguard, Dogg speaks out! – Reveals shocking details on the rapper’s murder

Social media is abuzz following Anwar ‘Dogg’ Khan‘s interview where a lot was revealed about the late Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes death. According to Dogg, some rules were broken and protocol was breached leading to AKA’s Durban visit.

Much speculations have once again risen following AKA’s bodyguard Anwar ‘Dogg’ Khan revealing damning details surrounding AKA’s Durban trip. Reportedly, protocol was breached and AKA should not have been in Durban in the first place.

These claims alone have breathe life to the allegations that suggested that there was a foul playing in AKA’s murder. AKA’s friend Dogg Design have been under fire as scores of tweeps had suggested that he was behind the AKA’s shooting. Although the Forbes family has already urged the public court of opinion to ease up on Dogg Design. However, nothing seems to be stopping AKA’s fans from making their own deductions and believing their own truths.

“Dogg says, “Rules were broken, Kiernan Forbes was called & invited to go on Florida Road, had I been there that protocol would have not been breached. Simply because that call would’ve came through the ROAD MANAGER” wrote This Is Colbert

Sports Presenter and Journalist Nguvi Mberirua breaks her silence about the awkward silence that has followed after AKA’s burial. Mberirua proceeds to suggests that if the roles were reversed, AKA would have fought tooth and nail to bring about justice for any of his slain team members.

“I’ve been thinking about AKA’s passing & what’s bothering me is the silence of the guys that were with him. Why haven’t they demanded justice? AKA would’ve never kept quiet if his close friend was murdered in his presence, he would’ve gone on a nationwide campaign. #JusticeForAKA” wrote Nguvi

It appears AKA’s bodyguard’s interview came at the right time where scores of people have been wandering in the dark for far too long. Although nothing concrete was revealed, but it appears the little security detail clarity was everything AKA’s fans needed to make sense of the whole situation.

“So Road-Manager broke the protocol and took Kiernan to Florida which was not part of the initial plan? Tha Dogg has already started spilling beans.” wrote Themba Ngcobo


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