DJ Sbu Denies Zahara Royalties Owed By TS Records Amidst Controversy

DJ Sbu Denies Zahara Royalties Owed By TS Records Amidst Controversy

The issue of Zahara’s unpaid royalties has stirred discussions across social media platforms and news outlets following her recent passing. The dispute centers on her original record label, TS Records, which recorded her breakthrough album, “Loliwe.”

In candid conversations, the late 36-year-old singer openly addressed being underpaid despite her albums’ commercial success, often pointing the finger at TS Records. However, DJ Sbu, associated with TS Records, vehemently denies these claims.

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In an interview with “Newsroom Afrika,” DJ Sbu clarified that Zahara hadn’t worked with them in recent years. He highlighted efforts to ensure she owns her publishing with Sheer Music Publishing, receiving royalties directly into her account. Universal Music, the current distributor of their music catalog, also channels funds directly to her, bypassing TS Records.

DJ Sbu emphasized the existence of contractual documents contradicting the claims of underpayment, asserting that they have always operated transparently. He stressed his commitment to ethical practices in the industry, stating, “I would never do anything to do anybody wrong. The only thing I’ve ever done in the industry is to help other people.”

In 2019, Zahara publicly disclosed that she was not receiving royalties from TS Records and claimed owed millions by them. DJ Sbu contradicts these allegations, asserting that, in fact, Zahara owed the label money. Despite the public’s anger, he expressed condolences for Zahara’s loss and urged the focus to shift towards honoring her artistic legacy.

While acknowledging their past closeness, DJ Sbu revealed attempts to mend their relationship, especially when musician Vusi Nova intervened on Zahara’s behalf. He urged the nation to remember Zahara for her greatness and emphasized that TS Records always adhered to ethical practices in the industry.

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