Comedian Tol Ass Mo to Sue State

Comedian Tol Ass Mo, whose real name is Mongezi Mahlangu, has been acquitted of the rapǝ charges brought against him by model and actress Lerato Moloi.

Moloi accused him of sǝxual assault and rapǝ during their work on a production in 2014. Moloi named Mahlangu as one of the celebrities who allegedly assaulted her, leading to her opening a case against him in 2020. However, the court found Moloi to be an unreliable witness, prompting Mahlangu to announce his plans to sue the state for damages.Mahlangu attributed his successful defense to the intervention of private investigator Mike Bolhuis, although he faced criticism from fellow celebrities who had initially believed Moloi’s story.

Despite the accusations, Mahlangu’s wife, Mome Mahlangu, stood by his side, continuing their ten-year marriage. However, the couple has since revealed that they are undergoing a divorce process.

“So, I’m suing the following, all thanks to Lerato Moloi. National Commissioner of Police, Minister of Safety & Security (Police), the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Minister of Police, SAPS Legal Services and the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development,” Just to rub it in, Mahlangu said in his statement.

He emphasized his determination to seek justice and ensure that Moloi faces consequences for her allegations. However, he mentioned that he saw no reason to sue Moloi herself due to her financial circumstances. “She is broke”, He further accused Moloi of falsely accusing three celebrities of rapǝ simultaneously in an attempt to make money.

Mahlangu’s statement also contained sarcastic remarks, expressing gratitude to those who believed Moloi’s accusations and suggesting that he would regain his millionaire status. He also mentioned that he would not be providing financial compensation to Rosie Motene, another individual involved in the case. Mahlangu emphasized that his goal in suing the State was to ensure justice and prevent false rapǝ charges against innocent men. He claimed that he would work with Bolhuis to assist other victims who find themselves in similar situations.

When contacted for comment, police spokesperson Lirandzu Themba stated that they had not yet received any legal documents from Mahlangu. She added that they would communicate if there were any changes. Mahlangu’s legal representative, Marius du Preez, confirmed the ongoing legal action but declined to provide further details.

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