Bongani Fassie grateful to be alive after being butchered with a machete

Bongani Fassie sustains deep cuts after being attacked by an unknown man in a hoodie at a traffic light in Randburg, Johannesburg. The musician said the man targeted his chest with a panga but he fought for his life despite severe cuts on his hands.

Speaking to ZiMoja, he said, “I don’t know who the man is. I just saw him come at me with a panga. I was driving with a friend with my window down.”

“The guy was aiming for my chest but I grabbed him, tried to disarm him and he butchered my arm,” he adds. “He cut one of my major arteries, but I continued to fight.”

Bongani is scared as he knows someone is aiming to take his life as he has had similar experiences in the past years. “Of course, someone wants me dead. I first received a message saying, it should have been me who died instead of AKA.”

“I was attacked twice about over a year ago. But I don’t wish to play the moments back,” he says.

“I am not okay. I almost died. I am just glad to have lived to tell the tail. I will not lie, I am scared for my life, and I don’t know who to suspect at the moment. All I am doing is focusing on my healing and recovery.”


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