VIDEO – Unknown family invades AKA’s grave

Social media users who are continuously at Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes graveyard for content cause outrage. The latest TikTok video shows a group of people taking pictures next to the grave for social media engagements.

The situation has rather intensified as more ‘megacy’ fans continue to post social media content while at Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes graveyard. Whether it is still the love they have for the late AKA or pure obsession for social media clouts. Some people have shown that they will stop at nothing to invade and flaunt their content whilst next to AKA’s grave.

Scores of disturbed AKA’s fans and followers have urged the Forbes family to secure his grave for limited access. As more people have made it their mission to visit the grave and share their content on social media, especially on TikTok.

“I really don’t know how to feel about this hey, this is the fourth Tiktok I’ve seen this week. Forbes fam should have gone for a private cemetery” wrote The Greatone ZA

It started off with a grave digger who was supposed with the municipality or the event planning team before ahead of AKA’s burial. The supposed grave digger took a video whilst at the empty grave and proceeded to demonstrate where exactly the slain rapper will be laid.

Just a few days after AKA was laid to rest, a controversy followed after a video was shared on social media. A grave digger revealed the real grave where the rapper was to be laid. Even though his tombstone was already erected next to his grave but the distasteful grave digger’s video has rubbed scores of people the wrong way.

“SHOCKING | Grave digger under fire for recording AKA empty grave during the set up for the slain Superstar and posting it on TikTok. #RIPAKA #RIPakaworldwide SIM DOPE Zinhle NOTA Cassper” wrote Charles Banks

People’s views have since differed, while some are criticizing the fans for posting their content at the graveyard. Other people are all for the love, appreciation, and commemoration that fans are continuously showing for the late, AKA.

“Me personally as a parent this would console me ukuthi my kid left an impact and he was loved and I don’t have to worry about going to the grave everyday because I know people who love him go visit him too ..unless if the grave is being vandalised But ke asboni ngokfana.” wrote Fikz The Cook


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