After 15 years of creating music, Priddy Ugly retires

South African rapper Priddy Ugly, actual name Ricardo Moloi, surprised his one million Instagram fans when he revealed that he was releasing his final album and then retiring from music.

Priddy Ugly revealed that he has been creating music for the past 15 years. He is widely recognised for his work on famous songs such as 30 Minutes to Soweto, 02HERO, Soil, and others.

According to the Citizen, he quit his record company, Ambitiouz Entertainment, in 2018 to promote songs on his own. However, only four years after his statement, the rapper confirmed that he will be retiring from music permanently with the release of his final album, Dust.

“From the soil we came [and] to the dust we shall return. It’s been 15 years. That’s 3 albums and 3 mix-tapes. That’s 5 EPS, 500 features, and thousands of verses. Millions of minds blown [that’s word to my pen,” he penned.

“That’s a whole wife and daughter, some homies gained, some homies lost, some bruised egos and a whole lot of love, some wins some losses, some horns, some crosses.

That’s 5475 days you’ve been riding with me and 0 minutes I would take back,” Priddy Ugly continued. Dust will be the final album by Priddy Ugly.

Thanks for your patience. Love Ricardo,” the rapper concluded.

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