PICS – Media Personality Zizo Tshwete channels Moonchild Sanelly

Zizo Tshwete recently turned #thirtymore and to celebrate she had a party where she and her guests dressed as their alter egos.

Taking to her Insta timeline, she shared how she channelled her inner Moonchild Sanelly.

In her post she did a young shoutout to the musician who is living her life boldly.Zizo Tshwete2

“Bold looks different for all of us. @moonchildsanelly you are a queen. Period. You know why. Sometimes you will be misunderstood for colouring outside the lines. Just keep standing in the expression of love. People may or may not understand your perspectives on life. Your responsibility is to live an authentic life. Stay shining Boobeams. Woza. Thank you for styling me, gorgeous Ms Moon! You are the vibe. Killed it or what. A highlight was all my guests thinking I was actually Moon. One of the best birthday dinners ever.”Zizo Tshwete1

In a separate post she shared pictures from her party with a grateful heart.

“I consider it a great blessing to be with so many people who choose to do life with me. I love to surround myself with people who are dreamers, action takers and live life to the fullest. I’m inspired with the business brains in this mix of people. (Not just cute faces, though these faces are really cute.”)

Moonchild has enjoyed international success and has stars across the world impressed with her music. From Ru Paul to Lupita Nyong’o, Moonchild has captured the hearts of many by being her authentic self.Zizo Tshwete

Sanelisiwe Twisha, popularly known as Moonchild, released her long-awaited 19-track album on June 10 after the release of her single Cute, featuring UK star Trillary Banks.

Trillary said she was excited about the collaboration and to meet the South African-born star in person and share the spotlight with her while touring the UK together.

“Recording the track was a cool, fun experience. I love the Two Inch Punch production. Meeting Moon in person was also great. We were able to go to a gig and vibe at the studio,” Trillary said.

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