Things you didn’t know about controversial Ama2000 Queen Minaj

Controversial Ama2000 Queen Minaj surprised her follower when she revealed on Facebook and Tik Tok that she is a member of Africa’s largest church Zion Christian Church (ZCC) whose headquarters are in Moria, Limpopo.

The dancer also recently made headlines after she posted a photograph of herself and a toddler wearing a thong. So, what do we know about the popular entrepreneur?

Dancer and influencer Queen Minaj first made headlines on social media in July 2022 when she brought a mall to a standstill dressed in a crop top, and really tight denim bum shorts. The controversial ama2000 who’s reportedly a member of the ZCC church is also known for her pink braids and grabs the attention of patrons everywhere she goes. Daily Sun reveals that the 20-year entrepreneur is from Burgesfort in Limpopo.

The influencer surprised her fans when she revealed on social media that is a member of the ZCC. On her, Tik Tok and Facebook account Queen Minaj is dressed in a doek and is fully dressed in dresses and has a ZCC emblem on while singing gospel music.

She is an entrepreneur

The popular Ama2000 also made headlines in September when she revealed on social media that she is a businesswoman, is selling chickens and they are reportedly selling like hotcakes ‘due to her style of service’. It is believed that the small-scale chicken farmer or seller, known as Queen Minaj was attracting customers, left-right, and centre after starting her business.

Ama2000 is not a pr0stitute

The fashionista set the record straight in an interview with Daily Sun when she revealed that she is not a prostitute, not for sale, and said people shouldn’t insult her because of the way she dresses. She added that she was disgusted after her photos were turned into pornographic material.

“If you know you are selling your punani in secret, don’t project your business onto me. I don’t do that. I poke a person I love and I don’t ask for anything in return.”

She also revealed in September to Daily Sun that she makes a lot of money as a dancer and began her dancing career by dancing at events and started ripping her jeans early on when her mom bought her the clothes.

“I can travel and do whatever I want with the money I make in the entertainment industry.”

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