Zahara yet to receive payment after performing at a show

Bulelwa “Zahara” Mkutukana demands payment after performing at a show.

The promoter and event organizer of the Easter Special Night at the Underground Pub in Mount Frere, Eastern Cape allegedly failed to pay the singer.

Speaking about the entertainer who linked her to the gig, the singer said: “I’ve known Vukani for many years and never expected him to do this to me.”

Musician Choco of Kwaito group DbnNyts says he was the middleman who connected Zahara to the events organizer.

“Vukani asked me to link him up with Zahara and she agreed to do the gig for R30 000. Vukani received the money from the venue owner and paid Zahara’s brother and manager Junior Mkutukana.”

“Her manager and brother failed her. He received the deposit but did not tell her. If he did not get the R21 000 that was due, he was supposed to tell her not to go on stage,” he added.

The sister of the singer said the money is stressing Zahara as she has lots of responsibilities.

“The children are back at school. Bulelwa is supposed to pay for school fees and send money home. This is taking a toll on her and really stressing her out because she wasted her time. She cancelled other bookings to accommodate a friend and she even took a lower fee than usual,” the sister tells ZiMoja.

Speaking to ZiMoja, the promoter says Zahara will receive her money this week.

He says the refusal to pay was not intentional, and he isn’t going to destroy his brand with such saga.

“We had an issue at our office where a staff member stole the money that was meant to be paid to Zahara,” he says.

‘I have made arrangements to get the funds to her by Thursday. I am in the process of tracing the guy.”

“I would not do that, I respect Zahara, and I still want to work with her. I have also worked hard to build my name to have it tainted because of someone selfish. The money will be paid and I will deal with the issue at my office internally.”.


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