Popular SA adult content creators, Xoli Mfeka & Wandi fight over viral tlof tlof tape

This Body Works For Me was the Showmax original reality show which focussed on the lives of seven s.e.x workers in their various trades within the s.e.x industry. The first season was explosive and raw, which has led to many believing that the show needs a season two.

More especially following the season one reunion which was explosive to say the least. From Gina being ganged up on by Primadonna and her pose, to the breakdown in the friendship between Xoli Mfeka and Wandi. This is as the season started with Xoli and Wandi being best friends as Xoli was allegedly the one to help Wandi during her early days as a s.e.x worker.

Now it seems that the two former friends turned enemies are set to go to court, which would make for great content should the show be renewed for a second season.

Wandi takes Xoli Mfeka to court

On the heels of the reunion of This Body Works For Me, there have been legal documents that have been leaked that confirm that Wandi is planning to take Xoli to court. Explaining the ground of the legal dispute, the leaked legal document explains that:

“We are instructed that on or about December 2022, you (Xoli) proceeded to publish the video without our client’s knowledge and consent. Be that as it may, the published video has now reached over nine hundred and fifty thousand viewers and you have failed, refused, and or neglected to compensate our client for the work done.”

As such, it seems that Wandi is requesting to be compensated R200 000 for collaborating with Xoli on the video. A suggestion that has led many to believe that the video has accrued over R400 000 in revenue since it was published.

For the public, it seems that their concern was not who was necessarily wrong in the matter. But instead, it seems that the interest is over actually seeing the video in order to “deduce” whether Wandi has any credibility to her claims for the compensation she is suing for.

Moreover, it seems that viewers are on Xoli’s side for the most part. Specifically, given that Xoli was the one who helped Wandi to formalize and start making actual money from her trade. This is as Wandi has been open about the difficulties she faced as a novel s.e.x worker without assistance.

As such, it seems that viewers and some social media users have labeled Wandi as ungrateful. More than that, she has been labeled an all-around bad friend, considering that she is now allegedly spitting on the face of someone who helped her get her footing in the s.e.x industry.

Especially, as Wandi tried to suggest that she was already a household name before Xoli. An utterance that is largely false. This is because Xoli Mfeka was already a “household name” even before joining the cast of This Body Works For Me, unlike the other cast members who garnered a larger following after appearing on the show, including Wandi.


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