Woman Learns The Hard Way to Never Order An Uber Without Money

Johannesburg |  A woman who ordered an Uber without money to pay for the services rendered learnt the hard was to not mess with the drivers.

In a video posted online, an unidentified woman is heard and seen crying while the uber driver shaves her heard as a punishment for not paying for the ride.

South Africans who saw the video where quick to judge and were saying that she thought she was going to pay using clitto currency.

Many however defended the woman saying they could’ve just taken her phone since she had ordered the services using a device.

Watch the video below:


Also read the comments below:

BG Nhlapo
– This is woman abuse, she must report those criminals 😭…She must open a case of assault,they used their strength as men to do as they please on a woman, how different is this from rape? This is a serious crime. She didn’t ask to be shaved.

Arc Uche Rochas
-Why cutting off her braids, she must have ordered the ride with a device. Just a suggestion 😂

Urban Street Culture
-This is not right guys ke masipa this niggas😠😡

Eazi Flo

Nthabiseng Simphiwe
– Why order an Uber when you don’t have enough money 💔💔

– Nice payment 😂

– Driver was supposed to report the client to Uber through e- mail explaining everything, the Company would pay the driver in full for the trip.I went through such incidences but the company payed me in full,they even phoned me from the head office to apologize and comfort me.

– This was drastic🥴 but don’t these girls ever think they’re putting their lives in danger by doing that?

– The fact that there are people calling this abuse is laughable🤣Hopefully she’s learned her lesson. Besides, they did her a favour cause this is much better than giving herself away to strangers.🤷🏾‍♂️Or is hairpiece more important than your body, ladies?

– He should have tried something for him to get his money but this is harassment, she must consider opening case and see where it ends. South Africa is full of opportunities 👍🏾

Cosmo Anthony
– This is so wrong @Uber they’re another way of communicating with clients

– Good job this gender must be held accountable for their actions they are used to getting away with a lot of things.

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