If there’s one grôûp of pëople that tends to give a lot of péople pressure on social media it is, the sley kweens. The funny thing is they don’t only put mèn under pressure with their unrealistic expectations and demands.

But they also tend to put their fellow wvmēn under a lot of pressure as well.

A lot of young wvmèn are also under pressure from these sley kweens, as they tend to feel like they’re under achieving since they are not living this glamorous life potrayed their fellow.

Énvy eats them up, as they wish they were the ones living those lives. This is when it becomes a problem, because that énvy leads them into doing certain things, just so they can “level” up. Those very things happen to be what most of these sley kweens will be doing to live that so called sôft life.

But they never tell this to their fellow wvmén, instead they sell them lies. They will talk about how they have risen to such levels, living such lives, all through their hard work.

They become the embodiments of wvmèn empowerment, preaching to all naivē wvmén about how they can also reach these levels if they work hard enough & also pray. Oh yes, they tend to be religious as well in their motivational speeches, it’s all very awe inspiring listening to.

Yet the behind the scenes it’s a different story, they are not as clean as they potray themselves to be. A majority of them are dîrty, they manage to live such lives through imm0räl acts and in some cases even crimināl acts.

They won’t tell you, that they are depréssed over what they have to do, to portray that lifestyle, that they are hooked on ânti depréssants in order to cope with things.

That they have to get drúnk inorder to summon the strength to go through with certain things that bring in the money they use to potray that life. And even in some cases, the aßús£ they have to endure in order to live that life.

In all honesty, there is really nothing much to admire from these sley kweens, trying to imitate them, can only lead one a dang£rous path, that is full of regrets and misery.

Young wvm£n need to be content with their own lives, because failure to do so, one will end up s£lling herself for trinkets.

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