Unathi Nkayi breathes fire after officials cut electricity at her house

South African radio host and media personality, Unathi Nkayi has taken to her social media to express her anger towards the “City of Joburg” who rocked up at her home to disconnect her electricity supply.

The star shared a video of herself giving the details.

Unathi said: “South Africa is a sh*t show, between the Afrikaans guys stealing our coal and government giving our electricity to neighbouring countries, South Africa is a sh*t show and we are not angry enough. As I’m driving to the airport, I get a call from the house saying City of Joburg has come to switch off my electricity and I’m like how, I’m always ahead, my father taught me to always be ahead with my bond, electricity, do not have accounts.

“ I showed them the proof that I’m ahead, with all the load-shedding; you still have the gall to make mistakes but also how do you expect to get everything right in your billing department when even you are being load shedded, what a sh*t show, we not angry enough, South Africans, we not angry enough”.

She captioned the post: “ #Guyzini SOUTH AFRICA is a Sh*t Show WOAW”

See the video below:

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