Trevor Noah Takes Playful ‘Revenge’ For Taylor Swift At Grammy Awards

Trevor Noah Takes Playful ‘Revenge’ For Taylor Swift At Grammy Awards

“Have you noticed the impact as Taylor Swift gracefully moves through the room?” Noah inquired. Swift’s Eras tour not only set records but also reportedly gave a significant boost to the local economies hosting the concerts.

“Watch how the local economy around those tables thrives. Can you see the magic happening? Witness this enchantment. Lionel Ritchie, or should we say Lionel Wealthy now.”

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The 34-year-old pop sensation, currently romantically linked with footballer Travis Kelce and often seen supporting him at various games, became the subject of a joke at the Golden Globes by comedian Jo Koy, 52.

Swift has faced criticism for her presence at football games, and Noah took a moment to clarify that it wasn’t her doing that the cameras kept focusing on her.

“It’s so unfair how NFL fans complain about the cameras cutting to Taylor Swift,” he remarked. “As if she’s orchestrating the camera angles at the games.

Just let her be. In fact, tonight, on Taylor’s behalf, I’m giving her a break. Every time they mention Taylor Swift, I’m getting revenge.

“Whenever someone says Taylor Swift, I’m cutting the cameras to someone who played football, that’s what I’ll do!” Swift made history at the Grammys, becoming the first performer to win the album of the year award four times.

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