Thembi Seete Mourns Teboho Mahlatsi

Teboho Mahlatsi Mourns Thembi Seete

Teboho Mahlatsi, 49, died on Monday, leaving Thembi Seete in mourning.

South African celebrities are mourning his loss since he had a significant effect on the entertainment business.”This one strikes close to home.

Teboho’s death hurts me. Bohloko, come on. I recall my first encounter with his art. I was astounded and wanted to know who made Yizo Yizo.

I had never been interested in finding out who was behind a production before, and it took a series like Yizo Yizo to pique my curiosity in learning more about the teams behind a programme. Tebogo was one of the first I came across.

To cut a long story short, I auditioned for Yizo with my long Boom Shaka braids, boots, and nails, and I never thought I’d be selected to be part of the show,” she wrote.

“The story mainly focused on the Township school’s challenges. I remember the moment we met. I walked up to him and told him I wanted to be part of the Yizo Yizo.


Even if he could show my shoulder or me just passing, it was okay. I want to be part of something great. I auditioned, got one of the leading roles , and more followed; after that, That’s how I joined the Bomb Shelter Family. Tebogo, Desiree, and Angus gave me a chance, and that one door opened many doors. They didn’t only see someone passing by They saw potential.”

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