‘Thank God Kaya FM fired me’ – Dineo Ranaka

Media star Dineo Ranaka, a South African, shared the news of her new business endeavor on Monday, October 9, along with her thankfulness for being let go from Kaya FM in an Instagram post.

When media star Dineo Ranaka announced that she was launching a makeup line, she poked fun at Kaya FM. In July of this year, Dineo was let go from the radio station, just a year after leaving Metro FM. After that, she made the unique decision to join MacG’s Podcast and Chill.

The radio hostess declared, “Thank God Kaya fired me,” while introducing her line of makeup palettes, lipsticks, and foundations under the Luv DR Beauty brand. She was thankful for her depression as well.

“And who ever said Rome was built in a day? No one. To ALL my entrepreneurial fam, this business journey no balance that’s why it’s one foot in front of the other. It’s hard and your well being will take strain but let me tell you something, if you’re willing to focus, isolate, work hard/smart and reflect… you’ll be healthy. You’ll be ok,” she wrote.

“THANK GOD Kaya fired me 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🪬🕯️🕯️🕯️. Actually it wasn’t Kaya that fired me, GOD DID! 👑🏆👑,” she continued.

This is not the first time Dineo threw shade at the radio station. In July, she confirmed that she was fired from Kaya FM and toasted to being “free”. Was this a jab at Kaya FM?

“I think I’m a unicorn 🦄 #DineoOnSexnStuff 🦄 A new addition to the Podcast & Chill Network. Here’s to being free 🥂Drops Tuesday 3 pm YouTube x Spotify,” she wrote

She also expressed gratitude and appreciation in another post. Take a look…

“When we are supported, we soar. Behind closed doors, I have such a formidable support structure. Siblings, parents, my kids, my lover, my friends. They give me wings. Spanning the size of the biggest eagle you can ever imagine. Now when I include your support…?? My God, I feel superhuman,” she wrote.

“Thank you for holding and keeping space for me whilst my wings were being nursed. It’s all going to be an enjoyable journey of self-discovery. Researching mental health matters through conversations about sexual health and pleasure. From where I’m sitting, life looks like a vacation doing what I love and taking you with me. I love and appreciate each of you 🍬🦄🤍,” she continued.

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