Thabo Bester’s Getaway’ car abandoned in Zim

– A Mercedes Benz leased by Nandipha Magudumana was found abandoned in Zimbabwe.

A private security company believes it was used as a getaway vehicle in the Thabo Bester escape.

The Facebook rapist is on the run after faking his death and escaping prison last year.

A video of Magudumana being confronted by debt collectors has gone viral.

In other trending news,

N@Ked Photo Of Actress Enhle Mbali Breks The Internet

Enhle Mbali announces delving into a new era by unveiling a new look.

The actress appeared topless and bald in new photo shared on Instagram.

Enhle wrote a note speaking about starting a new page and being a strong Tswana girl from Soweto….see more

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