Influencer Tebogo Thobejane’s n#des leaked

South African actress and podcaster Tebogo Thobejane plans to take further action against Innocentia “Inno” Morolong over alleged defamatory statements about her online.

On January 10, Tebogo got the shock of her life when she was notified that Inno had posted graphic images from a video of her online, alongside allegations she was taking drugs.Tebogo Thobejane

Tebogo told the publication she did not give Innocentia consent to take or publish the photographs and did not have any knowledge of her being in possession of them.

“I was not aware that she was in possession of this photograph or any other explicit photographs of me.

“Despite my attorneys sending a cease and desist letter to Innocentia and a criminal matter being pursued against her, she continues to harass and defame my character.

“Innocentia’s actions are a direct violation of my rights and I request further investigations into the matter and that she be arrested for her unlawful actions,” Tebogo said.

Speaking to the publication, Inno denied taking any footage of Tebogo without her consent.

“I was not the one who took that video. She must check her friends and her circle well. She did look high and free in her room there but that was not a n#de because she had underwear on. Also, she always posts with her bikinis or underwear on Instagram.”

Innocentia said she shared the images after she felt provoked by Tebogo speaking about her when going live on Instagram.

“I was shocked that Tebogo is going on Instagram live claiming she paid for my surgery. She kept going live provoking me with her friends, insulting me, calling me a bad mom, and all the names she could think of.”

This is not the first time Innocentia has been accused of defaming Tebogo.

According to legal documents seen by the publication, Tebogo opened a case of defamation at the Douglasdale police station and filed a protection order at the Johannesburg magistrate’s Court early last year.

The former Diep City actress said she’s felt bullied by Inno, which led her to start the Botlhale Foundation to decrease the prevalence of bullying and promote a safe online environment.

“Women get bullied on social media, then they get bullied in the house, then they get scared they will be laughed at. We are victimising each other because of what is happening online.”

Innocentia said Tebogo was playing the victim.

“She called me so many names online. She claims to be bullied but she bullies people.”



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