Actress Stephanie Ndlovu opens up on life after giving birth

FORMER Scandal! actress Stephanie Ndlovu has opened up about the challenges she faced after giving birth.

The 32-year-old YouTuber and her husband Hungani Ndlovu (29) said it was difficult getting back to normal s.e.xually, especially for Stephanie.

They welcomed their first child Rhulani in August and recently spoke about their struggles on their YouTube channel.

Stephanie said she didn’t feel s.e.xy enough or good enough to be intimate.

Stephanie Ndlovu1

“For me, I went from physically looking a certain type of way and feeling a type of way to something I didn’t recognise. After having a baby, I didn’t feel s.e.xy. I didn’t feel like I wanted to be touched or for Hungani to give me attention,” she said.

My nipples were on fire and everything felt like my insides had been turned inside out and put back in, which they were.

“However, I still need to be present and okay because there’s a baby that needs us.”

But Stephanie told Daily Sun things have improved.

“The past couple of months have been better than the first three months. I think it’s still a process and will continue to be because it’s a huge change to my life and marriage,” she said.

“I’m definitely better than three or four months ago. But I’m still in the process of being better and finding ways to navigate through motherhood while being a wife and maintaining my individuality.”

She said she was making an effort to take care of herself.

“My advice to new mums who are facing postpartum challenges is to be patient with yourself,” she said.


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