South Africa Prophet ‘Dwayne Gordon’ Shot Dead During Church Service

Renowned Prophet Dwayne Gordon was fatally oshot at a church in Newlands, Johannesburg, on Friday.

Pastor Enrico Mosavel, who was also present during the incident, sustained injuries but is reported to be in a stable condition now.

The harrowing ordeal was captured on the church’s CCTV cameras, the footage of which has been circulating on social media platforms, igniting a mix of fear, sorrow, and anger among the community members and followers of Prophet Dwayne Gordon.

At the time this report was compiled, details surrounding the incident were still emerging.

However, it is understood that unidentified assailants stormed into the church premises and opened fire, targeting the religious leaders present.

The motive behind this gruesome act remains unclear, raising numerous questions and concerns among the public and law enforcement agencies.

The aftermath of the incident saw an outpour of grief and calls for justice from the community and religious factions across the country.

Gayton McKenzie, the leader of the Patriotic Alliance, released a statement expressing his disbelief and suspicion regarding the nature of the attack.

He hinted at the possibility that this brutal act was more than just a robbery gone wrong. McKenzie emphasised the lack of logic in attacking unarmed religious figures within the sacred premises of a church, suggesting a deeper, possibly sinister motive behind the ambush.

In his statement, McKenzie said:

“What will you truly get in a church? What caused them to shoot the men of God who were unarmed and really no danger to the killers. I believe that this was a hit, my only evidence currently is my knowledge of these matters.

“I knew Prophet Dwayne and he would regularly call me; hence I will use everything in my power to make sure that this case will not be brushed under the carpet like so many of the cases happening in our communities.”

The investigation into the ambush is underway.

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