Sinqobile Tusani dumped her long time boyfriend of 7 years Mahlatsi for Edwin Sodi!

Johannesburg, South Africa  | Influencer Sinqobile Tusani is supposedly seeing multi-millionaire Edwin Sodi after quitting her seven-year partner.

Edwin Sodi, a controversial businessman, is dominating social media following reports of his alleged connection with a popular influencer and cosmetics artist.

This is, without a doubt, not the first time the famed multi-millionaire has made headlines for the wrong reasons.

Musa Khawula stated on Twitter that Sodi is having an affair with Sinqobile Tusani. Following the brazen tweets, the two are dominating trends as South Africans try to piece together their purported romance.

However, in the midst of their claimed affair, the two have yet to answer the audacious rumours that have catapulted them into the spotlight.

Musa revealed that Sinqobile Tusani allegedly called it quits with her boyfriend of seven years to settle with Edwin Sodi. Against the rumours, Tusani has deleted all her pictures with her boyfriend across all social media platforms.

South Africans rushed Musa Khawula’s comments area with their thoughts in response to the tweets.

Despite their disbelief, many were persuaded that the two were in a relationship, according to Sodi’s prior associations with IT females.

Some, on the other side, were unconcerned, even accusing Musa Khawula of being a relationship and family wrecker as a result of his unsubstantiated charges.

Musa Khawula, as controversial as he is, has revealed various partnerships that have frequently startled people.

Before AKA’s relationship with Nakai became public knowledge, Khawula confessed it to him. He also exposed Zinhle’s affair with Murdah Bongz before the two publicly acknowledged their relationship.

Edwin Sodi has frequently made news with his purported renowned hit list of females throughout the years. There are a slew of South African A-listers and sparkling influencers on the list.

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