Simz Ngema’s links to Thabo Bester forces Mzansi to look into her husband’s death

Following Simz Ngema’s admission to links with Thabo Bester, the murder case of the late actor and singer Dumi Masilela’s tragic death has resurfaced, sending shockwaves through the entertainment industry and leaving the public in a state of disbelief.

Speculation surrounding the true nature of Dumi Masilela’s death has intensified after recent revelations linking his widow, media personality Simphiwe Ngema, to a mysterious inmate named Thabo Bester.

Dumi Masilela, best known for his role in popular South African soap opera, Rhythm City was shot and killed in a botched hijacking in Tembisa back in August 2017.

However, the circumstances surrounding his untimely demise have always remained shrouded in mystery. Now, with new information coming to light, the murder case is taking an unexpected turn.

The spotlight has turned towards Simz Ngema’s alleged connection to inmate Thabo Bester, whom she visited in prison back in 2018, claiming that he owed her money.

Simz Ngema breaks silence on visiting Thabo Bester in prison

This newfound revelation has only fueled speculation surrounding the motive behind Masilela’s tragic death.

Concerned members of the public are now urging authorities to reopen the investigation, demanding answers from the individuals involved in Masilela’s murder. Theories about financial motives and potential conspiracy are gaining traction, with many questioning who might have orchestrated the crime and why.

Critics have also pointed to Simz Ngema’s behavior following Dumi Masilela’s passing, suggesting that her actions at the funeral and subsequent media appearances may have concealed a more complex truth. Allegations of staged emotions and orchestrated appearances have cast a shadow of doubt over her role in the tragic incident.

Check out some of the reactions;


Should we start asking who/what exactly killed Dumi Masilela again? I have a feeling Thabo Bester is involved in Dumi’s murder.


Time to follow the money here. Dumi Masilela‘s life insurance money, savings, pension, etc may have funded TK Motsepe. Which now opens the door for conspiracy theories about Dumi’s murder. This is a mess.


Dumi Masilela death needs to be re investigated and the killers questioned who paid them, you don’t shot a man sitting in his car outside his girlfriend place, her involvement with Thabo Bester and burning her moms kitchen


I remember when Dumi Masilela passed away I suspected Simphiwe Ngema first, because of the theatrics at the funeral sana (literally forcing a cry & allowing media too close so she can look like a “mourning widow”) . Now I hear she’s connected to Bester?

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