Shauwn Mkhize says she has no affiliation with Thabo Bester

Shauwn Mkhize reacts to rumors of being connected to Thabo Bester

Shauwn Mkhize denies claims of being involved with Thabo Bester.

Journalist Karyn Maughn revealed some days ago, that a well-known celebrity and businesswoman was linked to the convicted Facebook rapist and murderer.

It was said that the billionaire businesswoman visited Bester at Mangaung Correctional Centre shortly before he escaped from prison.

People concluded that the unidentified woman is Shauwn Mkhize, as she reportedly fits the description.

However, the journalist has clarified that the prison records provided by security company G4S do not list Shauwn Mkhize as having visited Thabo Bester in prison.

“I’m not sure where her name entered into this story. I certainly did not name her,” Karyn says.

Speaking to ZiMoja, Shauwn set the record straight, saying she has no business with him.

“What does my name have to do with Thabo Bester? To the white lady, please tell the country who is the well-known celebrity involved. Stop putting me in things that I am not involved in.”

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