Data on High Incidence of Vehicle Hijackings

70% of South African Hijackings Occur in Home Driveways, Primarily During Evening Hours”

Recent statistics from Crime SA, highlighted by MiWay Insurance, expose a concerning pattern where approximately 70% of hijackings in South Africa take place in residential driveways. According to Youlon Naidoo, the executive head of claims and procurement at MiWay Insurance, this revelation is based on internal data showing that most incidents occur within a 5km radius, specifically between 18:00 and 21:00, with rare occurrences in the morning.

South African Police Service (SAPS) adds to the gravity of the situation, reporting 5,488 car hijackings during the second quarter of 2023, averaging around 60 hijackings per day. This marks an increase from the first quarter, where an estimated 57 cars were hijacked daily.

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Naidoo urges motorists to exercise vigilance, suggesting strategies such as staying alert for potential followers, taking alternate routes when returning home, and being aware of the nearest police station location. He emphasizes the need for constant awareness, as hijackers are continually adopting new tactics.

As the festive season approaches, additional caution is advised due to people’s erratic travel times. Naidoo recommends avoiding routine behavior, such as not opening the gate and pulling into the driveway if a car is trailing behind. Instead, he suggests driving around the block to lose the tail or stopping parallel to the gate for a quick getaway if needed.

“Stay A Step Ahead: Smart Strategies to Counter Rising Hijacking Trends,” says MiWay Insurance Executive Head.

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