Prior to Thabo Bester’s daring escape, a fired jail officer bragged about a brand-new vehicle

One of the three G4S prison officers dismissed for helping the daring jailbreak of “Facebook Rapist” Thabo Bester from Mangaung Correctional Centre bragged on social media about his brand-new vehicle both before and after the daring escape.

Senohe Matsoara, a security supervisor thought to have collaborated with Bester and assisted him in his crafty getaway on May 3 of last year, was fired by the international security firm in September. Bester’s elaborate escape was made possible by Senohe Matsoara.

A certificate from the Volkswagen Menlyn store praising “Mr Senohe Ishmael Matsoara on your beautiful Volkswagen T-Roc 2.0” was one of the images Matsoara shared on Facebook in January 2022.

He shared images of himself standing in front of a brand-new vehicle in January 2022 as well. He once more shared pictures of an entirely new T-Roc.

Matsoara was not supposed to be working the night of Bester’s escape, but he showed up for the shift, according to three different individuals .

Matsoara disputed being on duty that night when TimesLIVE called him for comment, but a notebook entry that Oliver Meth saw indicates he did turn up for work. He terminated follow-up conversations by ordering the Setswana-speaking reporter to f*** off.

Senohe was fired in September, according to two different sources: a prisoner who was housed in a solitary confinement section and a warder who was on patrol when Bester escaped.

“You must remember that this guy escaped in May. Senohe was suspended in September and [he] immediately bought a brand-new VW T-Roc, as if he was sticking his middle finger [at] the situation,” said the warder.

“How is it even possible for him to purchase such on an R15,000 salary? The papers for him to see his money from work benefits wasn’t ready because he had just been fired, according to the warder.

Due to their involvement in the breakout, two additional wardens were fired. One of them oversaw security, and another was in charge of the CCTV system in the area where Bester fled.

A top jail official who holds the position of warder said that he had testified to prison administration and officials on numerous occasions about corruption and collusion within the facility.

Inmates also spoke about how Bester reportedly “bankrolled” the lives of prison guards and how the expelled trio were close to Bester and frequently did favors for him.

A prisoner who was housed in the same area as Bester claimed that the official lunches, costly gifts, and loans of money that he sent to them were all examples of his generosity.

A month after his suspension, Matsoara shared a photo of his brand-new vehicle on his Facebook page. He even “listed” himself alongside Johan Rupert and Patrice Motsepe as the wealthiest people in South Africa.

Singabakho Nxumalo, a spokesman for the Department of Correctional Services, stated that a report on the ongoing inquiry “will assist everyone in terms of details,” but he would not specify when this report can be anticipated.

One of the concerns expressed in the current DCS probe, according to a source with inside knowledge, is that protocol was not followed when the fire started in Bester’s cell. He claimed that because there was no protection present, Matsoara was fired.

Emerantia Cupido, a spokeswoman for the Judicial Inspectorate for Correctional Services, said the agency was “deeply troubled by the evidence reported so far and we are working diligently to ensure that we fulfill our mandate as the inspectorate.”

According to Cupido, as part of its mandated reporting duties, JICS will submit a report following the conclusion of the inquiry to the police national commissioner, the minister of justice and penal services, and the justice portfolio committee.

Earlier this week, G4S Correction Services announced that three of its workers had been fired as a consequence of their actions on the day that Bester’s cell caught fire. The private maximum-security facility in Mangaung, South Africa, where Bester was incarcerated, is operated by G4S.

“Shortly after the event, MCC suspended three workers. As a result of their actions on the evening of May 3, 2022, these workers were fired in September 2022, December 2022, and January 2023, accordingly, according to G4S.

Bester, a condemned rapist and murderer who attracted his victims via Facebook, fled from the Mangaung Correctional Center in Bloemfontein in May by pretending to die in a fire in his cell.

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