President Ramaphosa raises concern about state of coalition governments

African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa has raised concerns about the state of coalition governance at local government. President Ramaphosa was giving closing remarks at the party’s four-day National Executive Committee meeting which started on Friday.

Ramaphosa says even though his party will be going all out to win next year’s elections, the ANC wants to regain people’s confidence by adopting guidelines that govern coalition governance.

“In May we will hold our election strategy workshop, so that our organisation prepares itself for a decisive victory in the 2024 elections,” says Ramaphosa.

The party has been in power since 1994, and in recent years its support has been dwindling. This was evident in the 2021 local government election were the party lost the three key metros in Gauteng.

Speaking at end of the ANC’s four-day NEC meeting Ramaphosa says the new arrangement at the local sphere government is a cause for concern. Ramaphosa announced that the ANC has adopted guidelines to regulating coalitions.

And on the frosty relations of the tripartite alliance which prompted the SACP to consider contesting future elections independently, the ANC president said they will work hard to save the COSATU- SACP pact. He says officials from all partners will update them on regularly on the progress made.


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