Police Clarify Situation Regarding Woman Allegedly Arrested For Fake Lobola Money

Police Clarify Situation Regarding Woman Allegedly Arrested for Fake Lobola Money

South African police have dismissed reports claiming that a woman was arrested at a popular supermarket in Jukulyn, outside Pretoria, for using fake lobola money.

Contrary to the circulated news, police stated that the woman did not receive the money from her Nigerian son-in-law, who supposedly paid the lobola money in cash.

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The initial report also suggested that the woman’s brothers, involved in the lobola negotiations, were arrested after attempting to use the money at shops.

According to Gauteng police spokesperson Colonel Mavela Masondo, an investigation was launched following the false reports. Officers from the Rietgat police station examined the allegations and confirmed their inaccuracy.

Masondo clarified that no one was caught paying with fake money at the local Shoprite store, and there is no related case registered at Rietgat or neighboring police stations.

Masondo urged social media users to refrain from spreading false information, emphasizing that it wastes police resources.

He expressed concern over the irresponsible sharing of unverified information on social media, highlighting its detrimental impact on police investigations and service delivery.

Masondo emphasized the need for accurate reporting to avoid disadvantaging both the police and victims of real crimes.

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