Oscar Mbo Opens Up About Missed Gigs, Dispels Rumors Surrounding Alleged Fake Designer Clothes

Oscar Mbo recently took the spotlight as the featured guest on ‘Podcast and Chill with MacG,’ addressing a range of topics from missed gigs to rumors about his fashion choices.

Rising to fame with his hit song ‘Asambeni,’ Oscar Mbo has earned a reputation as one of the country’s most popular DJs. Beyond his musical prowess, he is admired for his swag, appearance, and engaging social media presence. However, he hasn’t been immune to negative attention, particularly for alleged missed bookings and accusations of donning counterfeit designer wear.

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During the podcast interview with hosts Mac G and Sol Phenduka, Oscar shed light on the misconceptions surrounding him. He emphasized that there’s often more to the story when it comes to missed gigs, rejecting the one-sided narratives circulating online. Addressing past instances where he faced criticism for failing to appear at paid events, Mbo clarified that logistical challenges sometimes make it impossible to fulfill certain bookings. He revealed that promoters, on occasion, do not meet halfway with artists on logistical matters, resulting in artists unfairly bearing the brunt of a tarnished reputation.

Setting the record straight, Mbo stated, “I’ve never missed out on a show unless there was a promoter or client problem, like these admin issues, or when I was in the hospital. I’ve never missed.”

While Oscar Mbo is often praised for his impeccable style and fashion sense, there was a period when he faced backlash for supposedly wearing fake designer clothing. Dismissing these claims, he expressed confusion about where such notions originated. Mbo acknowledged that during his younger years, he unknowingly wore fake labels, having acquired them from a trusted source. Learning from this experience, he has since grown more discerning about his fashion choices.

In the candid interview, Oscar Mbo not only clarified misconceptions but also highlighted the challenges faced by artists in the industry, shedding light on the complexities behind missed gigs and the importance of fair collaboration between artists and promoters.

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