Nzuzo Njilo vanishes with 15 trucks belonging to Absa!

Johannesburg | According to reports, Absa has been trying to find Nzuzo Njilo, the estranged spouse of media celebrity Faith Nketsi.

A writ of execution was acquired by the bank to seize the properties of Matshidze Nicholas Ramuvhundu, an associate of Njilo who is purportedly involved in the truck company.

The writ of execution claims that Ramuvhundu vanished along with fifteen Absa vehicles.

It is believed that Njilo currently possesses four trucks that were given to him by Ramuvhundu for his business. However, the bank claims that these trucks have also disappeared and that Njilo himself cannot be found.

The writ of execution, granted in July, empowers Absa to recover the trucks and attach any properties owned by the businessmen in order to recoup the funds.

The trucks allegedly in Njilo’s possession include an HPC van body trailer and a trekker truck. Recently, after Njilo’s arrest in Durban on unrelated fraud charges amounting to R1.5 million, a representative from the bank sought help from the police to locate Njilo.

Njilo was granted R10,000 bail and the case has been postponed until February 2024.

Njilo gained public attention two years ago when it was revealed that he had been showering Nketsi with extravagant gifts, including a brand new Range Rover.

The couple tied the knot in a traditional ceremony in 2022 but is currently going through a separation.

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